Welcome to our ultimate guide on things to do in Marathon! While relaxing on the beach and soaking up the sun is a must-do activity, there are plenty of other exciting options to explore in beautiful Marathon. From exploring local attractions to indulging in delicious dining options, we’ve got you covered with all the best activities to make your vacation unforgettable. At the moment of arrival, we also send you a what’s app message with even more information for a more handy guide. So grab your sunscreen and get ready to embark on a new adventure in Marathon!

There is an archaeological site, an interesting fortress and the most important statue of Nemesis of 6th century B.C., in Greece. The view to Euboean gulf is magnificent and this short excursion from the villa is worth a visit.

Schinias National Park

In Schinias national park there are pine trees that are more than two hundred years old  and almost reach the sea. This area  is protected by the law “Natura 2000” that applies only to places of rare beauty. An early morning or late afternoon walk amidst the pine trees and simultaneously by the sea is just amazing.

'Schinias national park'
Museum of the "Marathon Run"

The permanent exhibition of the “Olympic Marathon”presents for the first time in public, the history of the Olympic Marathons from 1896 to the present. A must see since till today the spirit of the Marathon Run is alive and active. Each year, thousands of runners from allover the world, participate to this 42.2 kilometer, competition. They run at the same footsteps of Pheidippides, the central figure in the story that inspired two modern sporting events, the Marathon race and the Spartathlon.

The museum has a big collection of statues and pottery from the Neolithic period till the 2nd century A.D. It also displays finding from the Roman sanctuary of Egyptian gods in nearby Brexiza.

In case you cannot leave your racket at home, here is the right place to enjoy a match, or have a tennis lesson. Open till late at night, just 5 minutes from the villa, you are going to enjoy tennis under the monotonous song of the Eurasian owl that is prevalent in Marathon.

Scuba diving, snorkelling and cliff diving are options, and you are certainly going to enjoy the dive. We will be very happy to help you organize this wonderful expedition and most importantly, it can be arranged at the bay in front of the villa.

This is about the private palace of Herodes Atticus and his wife Regilla, around 160 A.C. One can see the statues of Osiris and Isis, as well as the private hams of Herodes. The nearby Aghia Kiriaki, orthodox church is worth a visit. Don’t forget to wear your bathing suit, because the sea, at the exact spot will be greatly alluring after your sightseeing.

St Efraim's monastery

It is one of the oldest monasteries in Athens. It is a serene spot of reverence and prayer. St Efraim’s relic lies there. In folk tradition, it is said that the saint still makes miracles to those who believe and pray genuinely, from the depths of their heart. On Sundays it is open the whole day. It is just 12 kilometers from the villa(12 minute drive).

192 fighters for democracy and freedom, of the battle of Marathon cremated and buried at the tomb. If it weren’t for them the whole world would have been different. There is a reconstruction of the battle at the sight.

You can enjoy horse riding in the forest or across the beach of Schinias. We can make arrangements for you, with pleasure.

You can have water fun like windsurfing, wake boarding, waterskiing, wake boarding, wake surfing, SUP and sea kayak and then refresh with fresh fruit salad.

Wonderful beach bar with pleasant music, and scrumptious cuisine for lunch or dinner on the beach. They have excellent service, also.

'Tavern in Schinias'
Tavern "The Good Heart"

Traditional Greek meat on the spit, lamp chops, Greek salad, real french fries and various “mezedes”, (Greek appetizers) in huge servings.

'Fish tavern marathon'
The Roadhouse bar

Cold beers and fancy cocktails, with an amazing view of the gulf. 

Tavern "The fisherman"

They serve delicious fresh fish right from the fish mongers of East Attica, daily. They make home deliveries, as well.

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