The Team

We are a family team with the aim to provide you with all that will make your stay extraordinary.

'Christina the owner and administrator of villa Hoopoe'


The mother

We are your hosts.

'Ira -administrator from the team'


The daughter

We are available 24/7.

Our Story

Villa Hoopoe, a gem nestled in the stunning landscape of Marathon, is not just any other vacation home. It’s a place where memories are crafted, and dreams are fulfilled.

This Villa has been our family’s retreat for decades. We have recently relaunched it after a major renovation, keeping its remarkable architecture intact.

Our vision was to create a charming beach house where the old blends seamlessly with the new. Today, Ira and I call it home, and it’s an experience beyond words. We have experienced the magical beauty of living amid incredible surroundings and sought to spread this rare experience with more people.

Our mission is to offer our guests a home away from home and to witness Greece transcending all limitations. Our priority is cleanliness and safety, and we aspire to let Greece’s small pleasures in life be enjoyed graciously. And yes, Villa Hoopoe was named after the hoopoes that visit our garden, in spring.

Book this seaside villa for a new, beautiful perspective on nature. Wake up to the sound of waves and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Create lasting memories and connect with the beauty of the world. Step out of your routine and into a peaceful state. Experience the majesty of the Euboean gulf, firsthand.

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